How I get my ‘no make up’ make up look.

Hey everyone!

I hope you are all doing well! I know that posting has been super irregular so I have decided to start posting once a month at a minimum as that is what I can manage at this point in time. For today’s post I am going to be explaining how I get my ‘no make up’ make up look. I feel that right now it is very common to see the natural make up looks on social media and just around. I cannot wait for Morphe’s new Morphe2 line to come out as it is all about natural make up and beauty.

As a dancer I have been exposed to make up from a very young age and I have worn a lot of stage make up over the years. This is why I mostly try to wear as little make up as possible and try to make it look as natural as I can when I am not on stage! Make up to me is all about feeling confident in myself but also recognising that true beauty comes from within and what is on the inside is what matters most! Let’s do this!


Depending on the day I sometimes use primer and I sometimes do not honestly depends on my mood. If I do use primer I use the ELF Poreless Putty primer. This product is super inexpensive and it works so well! I find it smoothes out my complexion really nicely and it provides a really nice base for the rest of the make up. When using this primer I also find that it helps my make up last longer and it keeps everything in place really well!

BB Cream

I love BB Cream! BB Cream is a very sheer foundation/moisturiser that looks super natural and it can be as sheer or full coverage as you would like it to be! BB Cream is perfect for day to day wear and I love how it makes my face look. My go to BB Cream is the Maybelline Dream Satin BB Cream. Once again this product is super inexpensive and it works super well. I think it retails for around 14 AUD and mine lasts me months! I cannot recommend it enough!

Cream blush

When I am going for a natural look with my make up I always try to use as many cream products as possible. This is because I find that they blend into my skin much better than powder products and basically look like they are ‘apart’ of my skin rather than just sitting on top. This is why I use cream blush instead of a powder one. This is a recent change of routine for me but I am really liking how my make up turns out when I use cream blush. My favourite is the Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out cream blush in Petal Poppin. There is such an amazing range of shades for this product to suit anyone’s skin tone. However it is on the more expensive side of just over 30 AUD and it is quite a small product. I would highly recommend this product though if you were thinking of splurging a little bit!

Translucent powder

This is a tricky one. I know I sound contradictory when I say that I top off my cream make up with powder but I honestly believe that a small sweep of translucent powder really brings all of the face make up together. When using translucent powder in my make up routine I only use very tiny amounts as I just want to decrease the amount of shine on my face and at the same time not make myself look too powdery. Unfortunately I find it difficult to find translucent powders that are affordable and do a good job. My all time favourite is the Too Faced Peach Perfect translucent powder as it does not give off any flashback and it mattifies my face without taking away the natural look of the make up.

Liquid Lipstick

This sounds kind of intense but with liquid lipsticks and lipstick in general I love the natural look they give. I always take a very nude colour and apply it directly on my fingertips before applying it evenly on my lips as this allows me to melt it in a bit more and it makes it look more like my natural lip colour. I always use very little amounts and I love the results! I don’t have a particular favourite lip product however the Too Faced Melted range and the Rimmel Provocalips are both really amazing!

This pretty much finishes off my ‘no make up’ make up look routine. Occasionally I will add mascara and if you would like to find out which ones from the pharmacy are my favourite I have a post that covers my favourites and why. I also love the Mac mascara as shown in the image above it is super voluminous! I really hope that this has helped you today and that you enjoyed my post! I will see you next time!

Lots of love

Soph xx

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