Is ‘Face Halo’ worth it?

Hey Everyone! I know it has been a hot minute but I am back today and so excited to share my new post with you! Today I am going to be discussing my thoughts on the Face Halo and whether I think it is worth the money and the hype. For those who do not know what Face Halo is, Face Halo’s are make up remover pads that are reusable, washable and claim to remove all make up just using the Halo and water. They retail in most Australian stores for 30 AUD which gives you a pack of three. Common places they are sold are Priceline, Adore Beauty and Woolworths. After trialling these for over a month here are my thoughts.


Very Environmentally friendly.

Face Halo’s are a reusable product that can be washed up to 200 times before you need to change halo’s and with every purchase giving you a pack of three this allows for up to 600 washes! They are super easy to clean I personally use soap and water and I find this very effective however if you want a more thorough clean they claim to be safe to put in the washing machine! Face Halo’s are non toxic. They are made out of tiny microfibres which only require water to be able to remove all of your make up. This means that you can save your precious cleanser which I know I really appreciate because skincare is expensive!

The Halo’s are two sided.

I really like that the Halo’s have the microfibres on both sides because it means that I can just use one Halo and be done without having to switch which would become a bit of a hassle.

Super soft

Face Halo’s are so soft and feel so comfortable on the face when removing make up. In the past with make up wipes I have found that they often leave my face stinging and a bit sore afterwards but the Face Halo does not do this at all. It feels like I’m using a blanket to remove my make up and I mean that in the best way possible!



Face Halo’s retail for 3o AUD which is quite expensive especially when I can buy a really cute top for thirty dollars which I would enjoy more. I was lucky enough to have a voucher to be able to spend on these but personally I wouldn’t spend my own money on them. If you are looking to be more environmentally friendly but do not want to spend thirty dollars on these I would suggest using a really soft and gentle face washer.

Plastic packaging.

Although the Halo itself is eco friendly, the packing is not. It is made completely from plastic. It is resealable but I would personally prefer that it come in something paper based but I understand that because of shipping, storage and security reasons this is sometimes difficult when a lot of places sell the product all over Australia.

Overall I think this product is an amazing idea and I definitely like my Face Halo’s! However the price of this product ultimately drives me to refrain from purchasing it again. If you are willing to spend 30 AUD on this product I would highly recommend it! They are extremely environmentally friendly and they tick so many great boxes but the price truly brings it down for me. Thank you for reading my post and I’ll see you next time!


Soph xx

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