Why I love my FOREO.

Hi everyone! Today’s post is about an amazing tool that I use from the brand Foreo. Now for those of you who have heard of this brand you may feel hesitant to keep on reading or going to purchase as these products are very expensive and us teenagers are not ones to have a lot of money. I am going to share which one I use and why I love it so much! Before I get into what makes these products so amazing here is a brief overview of Foreo’s LUNA range.

LUNA by Foreo is a series of facial cleanse tools that are designed to remove debris from skin, unclog pores and make your facial cleanser work 10x better. It is a silicone brush that does not need brush head replacing which vibrates extremely quickly once turned on. The silicone brush bristles are very fine and small in length. There is also a handy app that allows you to bluetooth your device to your phone for multiple functions and different vibrations for the different parts of your face. The Luna products range in price from $75 AUD to $299 AUD.

I am in love with my Foreo cleansing tool. For the past 6 months I have used the Foreo LUNA Play Plus which cost $75 AUD and I purchased it from MECCA. This is by far the cheapest of the LUNA line but I cannot recommend this model enough. When I purchased it I was slightly skeptical as it was so much cheaper than the other models. Here are the main differences- Smaller in size, no bluetooth, battery powered with no charger. This does not hinder the results in any way. My LUNA Play Plus fits perfect in my palm and it glides around my face with no troubles. I get amazing results and it is super practical when travelling!

I have found that it makes such a difference in my skincare routine. Before using this product I was often finding that I wasn’t using my cleansers to their full potential. They would get rubbed all over my face and sit on top of my skin before I washed it off down the sink. After getting my Foreo LUNA Play Plus I noticed that after using the brush and going to wash off the excess product there was almost nothing. Not only was I getting the full use out of my cleansers but my skin was also so much softer and plump.

I hope I have given some more helpful insight into what makes Foreo products so amazing and why I would highly suggest saving your money and investing in one! It has helped out my skin so much but I definitely do not believe that it will fix acne, however it really helps with keeping your skin clean and fresh! It was only a short post today but I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you all next Wednesday!

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Lots of Love

Soph xx

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